Game adaptation into film is a way of the game “IP” adaptation

With the rapid development of computer network technology and digital media technology, both games and movies have undergone profound changes. The movie MMORPG games represented by World of Warcraft, the emergence of virtual reality movies represented by Afanda, the success of game adaptation and the “IP” adaptation boom, which have been arising under the background of “Internet plus”, have aroused great concern for new media films and games, and a new movie –

the integration between MMORPG games and narrative of cinema movies

The core feature of computer games is “playing”, that is, interactivity; the core feature of movies is “watching”, that is, narrative. For the perfect interactivity of MMORPG games and the narrative of cinema movies, what does the integration mean in the sense of mutual adaptation? French film theorist Jean Michel frodon said in his paper “the impure of film – film and video games” that “the relationship between film and video games can be

big mmorpg market value in china

At the end of the 1950s, video games were born from the laboratory. With the emergence and popularity of arcades, home video game machines, personal computers and portable game machines, video games have developed from a hobby to an industry with annual sales of more than 100 billion yuan. In 2015, the actual sales revenue of China’s game market reached 140.7 billion yuan. In the new century, network MMORPG game, as a new type of game integrated with virtual reality technology,

The research of film and video game interaction

The research of film and video game interaction has been a long-standing topic. The similarities and differences between them have become the most representative topic in the trend of contemporary new media convergence. Especially in the Internet plus media ecology environment, the integration of these two media has gone beyond the traditional topic of adaptation. With the rapid development of digital media technology, virtual reality technology is connecting movies and games on a new level,

mmorpg third-party recharge platform

Marketing channel is an important link in the game industry chain. Looking back on the history of China’s online game industry for more than ten years, the online game channel strategy has undergone earth shaking changes. With the rise of the third-party recharge platform, all kinds of payment methods such as bank cards and mobile phones have been widely used. Compared with the previous few years, the current online game channel system has undergone tremendous changes, with physical

mmorpg props charge mode

After years of development, the number of products and user scale of domestic role-playing online games have been greatly improved, but the price strategy has not changed much. At present, although some games still take the time charge mode, the props charge mode is still the main charge mode in the market. Although there are various deficiencies in props charging mode, for domestic role-playing online games, due to the lack of product quality, this is the most effective and convenient price

mmorpg long-term development design concept

One is to change the short-term thinking and establish a design concept conducive to long-term development. The prominent problem of domestic role-playing online games is that the product life cycle is short, and the game manufacturers’ thinking of “making money and going” is very serious. Domestic game manufacturers often only pay attention to the profit function of the game, ignoring the construction of the game brand. The influence conveyed to the designers and marketing

china game company need learn world of warcraft marketing strategy

As a world-class online game, world of Warcraft has a brilliant development history, and its marketing strategy has a very important learning value. Xianxia world as a domestic independent research and development of online games, is in a period of development, there are highlights but also many shortcomings. The difference between the two represents the difference between foreign classic online games and domestic role-playing online games. Product strategy World of Warcraft embodies brand

The comparison of world of Warcraft and Xianxia world promotion strategies

Promotion strategy of world of Warcraft Advertising promotion. In this regard, the cooperation between Blizzard and Coca Cola can be called a classic case in the world. Blizzard and world of Warcraft have a wide influence in the world’s game industry. Coca Cola is an undisputed giant in the beverage market. The two sides cooperate. On the one hand, the logo and character image of world of Warcraft are printed on Coca Cola; on the other hand, Coca Cola is publicized in the world of

World of Warcraft and Xianxia world Sales Channel strategy Comparison

In the fierce competition of domestic online game market, channel strategy plays a very important role. The channel strategy of online games in China has experienced different stages of development. So far, the flat channel has been mature. The channel strategies of world of Warcraft and Xianxia world have something in common and each has its own characteristics. The channel strategy of world of Warcraft represents the exploration and efforts made by domestic online game manufacturers when